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Fantastic Site
Just a wee piece to say that your site is looking fantastic. It's full of great information and interesting articles. It's great to see how much coverage you're getting as well. I am massively impressed with all your work and can't wait for the next instalment of musical magic.
Hoping to see you in concert again soon.
Posted by MSS on 29 May 2014
Good of you to say so - I'm glad you like it!
Posted by Christina on 29 May 2014
Really enjoyed your singing today at St Stephen's. Hope to enjoy more from you in the future. A pleasure to meet you (again) even if I didn't remember our previous meeting. Kind regards. Roy.
Posted by Roy Carcary on 26 April 2014
Thank you, Roy. As for our previous meeting, in fairness, it was many moons ago and it was a good wedding!
Posted by Christina on 29 May 2014
Christina--now that I've read up on you, no wonder I was impressed with your work and depth with your songs! Do have fun at Swannanoah, and if you see Mr. Jamieson, do give him my regards!
Posted by Sule Greg Wilson on 16 July 2012
Thanks, Sule! So far, Mr Jamieson and I have not spent any time together, but... who knows?
Posted by Christina on 23 July 2012
Nice site!
Hi Christina, don't know why I've never found this site before, though I'm familiar with your MySpace page. It's very nice and full of interesting stuff too, well done.

Regards, Margaret
Posted by Margaret Macdonald on 25 November 2010
Thanks, Margaret! I am glad you like it.
Posted by Christina on 13 December 2010
Kist O Dreams
I've just received your cd in the mail and am looking forward to presenting it to my first grandchild due in February! I worked in Early Childhood Education and always had music playing for them at nap time. My children always listened to music before they were born and went to sleep to music when infants. Both are musical as adults. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to your music before I bought it, I enjoyed it and that was the reason I chose yours.

Vancouver BC
Posted by Heather Robertson on 01 December 2009
Thank you Heather - how lovely of you to say so!
I hope your new arrival appears safe and well and that he or she enjoys the songs.
Posted by Christina on 09 December 2009
Awesome Site!!!
Posted on 17 November 2009
Lovely website!
Posted on 29 October 2009
Just saying hi!
Posted on 23 October 2009
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